Forza Motorsport Is Making The Ultimate McLaren-Powered Zoetrope

Just the other day, we received a big old poster from the fine folks over at Microsoft with a picture of a lovely McLaren P1. There was no explanation, other than a small note on the back that we'll see "our frame in motion on September 19th." Now we know what's up.


Forza partnered up with McLaren, Tanner Foust, Jeff Zwart, and others to put all of these frames together on a race track in a line. Then they took a McLaren 12C that was rigged up with all sorts of crazy cameras and drove it by at speed.

The guys at Forza call it "Forza Filmspeed," and it appears we'll be able to see the final fruits of their labor, as well as where the frame we received comes into play, tomorrow.

Until then, here's how they made the video they're not yet showing us. This whole thing reminds us of a Zoetrope.


At first I was like

And then I realized they were real life shots.

And then I saw the ingame shots