Formula D Drifter’s Car Stolen Just Before Christmas

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Walker Wilkerson got the worst Christmas present this year: his 20' trailer was stolen with his competition Nissan Silvia inside. He found the trailer, but the car is still missing.

(UPDATE: The car has been found. Yeahhhh!)

Wilkerson reported the car and trailer stolen on Monday, but it was last seen in Carson, CA on Sunday morning. Yesterday, he posted on Facebook that the trailer was recovered.

Trailer found completely EmPTy near ***South Los Angeles off Figuroa and the 110 freeway***

Trailer was said to be dropped off by a newer black or grey Chevy Truck possibly a Chevy Duramax.

High chance the car is in South LA. Please contact Asap if you have any info!

Thx in advanced

Unfortunately, the purple drift car is still unaccounted for, and could be out of state or parted out and on Craigslist by now. As Wilkerson notes, keep a lookout for parts of the car on sale on Craigslist, Zilvia, Ziptied and other sites.


If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of his stolen car, call the police and call Walker directly at (425) 876-5431.

Photo Credit: Joe Ayala/Walker Wilkerson

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Actually, I can't help but laugh at this. It takes a special kind of moron to steal a unique, custom-built, one-of-a-kind race car. There's just nothing you can do with it, uness your sole intention is to hide it way in a garage for the next 50 years, which would defeat the purpose of stealing it in the first place, I would think. Sure, you could sell the car as a whole outside of the country, but I can't imagine there is a huge market for them. No, the only thing you can do is scrap the car for parts, and once those parts hit the market, anyone that would well and truly be in the market to buy such race-specific parts would run the numbers and recognize them almost immediately.