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Rick Fork is my hero at the moment. So I typed "Fork Car" into Google Images. This is what I came up with. It is suitably rad and apparently photographed by a man named Steve Hardin, but maybe I would be happier if I typed "car with many forks stuck into/out of it." But I will not, as I am insecure and will come up with a result I will not be happy with. And frankly, I couldn't bear it. So this will have to do. I think, though, I could be happy spending a day picking up and putting down small racing vehicles with a forklift. It also brings a question to mind: Why is it that it's only PC to use the word "midget" when referring to cars or pornography involving little people?

Rumble at the Fort Wayne Expo Center December 27-28, 2002 [Steve Hardin's World of Sprint Cars and Midgets]


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