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Foreign Automaker-Loving Senator's Daughter's Chevy Saved By GM OnStar

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The daughter of Senator Bob Corker, ardent Detroit carmaker critic and lover of foreign automakers, has GM's OnStar system to thank for recovering her Chevy Tahoe after being carjacked in D.C. yesterday. Let's see her try that in a Nissan.


Julia Corker, the daughter of the so-called "Senator from Nissan", was pulled by her neck out of the Tahoe late at night and the attacker snagged the Tahoe. Thankfully, she's fine. Shortly after the carjacking GM OnStar tracked down the car, contacted police, and two suspects were taken into custody.

Weirdly, Corker's Chief of Staff says the Senator was about to cancel the subscription to OnStar. Good thing he didn't.


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Photo Credit: Rusty Russell/Getty Images