Ford's New 18-Wheeler Reminds Everyone Of A Transformer And Will Never Come To The US

On American highways, the big beasts that haul our crates of Meow Mix and Spanx to fine retailers usually have names like Peterbuilt and Mack. Almost none of the usual 18-wheelers we see in the US are branded with Ford's blue oval. That's not the case in other parts of the world, and it's for them that Ford's unveiled their new Cargo big rig.

The US has seen previous-gen Cargoes working in USPS livery, though, so it's possible some may end up here. Maybe?


The new Cargo is interesting design-wise for how much it attempts to keep Ford brand identity, right down to the massively-scaled Aston-style grille. Also, so far every article I've seen about the truck compares it to a Transformer. Because that's exactly what it looks like.

The new Cargo was first revealed in Brazil, and is the result of Ford's engineering teams in Turkey, Brazil, and parts of Europe. There's no specs yet (though, based on previous ones, expect to be able to haul over 50 tons of frozen lobsters or sex toys or whatever.

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