Ford Wishes GM Happy 100th Birthday On Side Of World Headquarters, Saves Money On Card, Cake

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Ford saved money and wished GM a happy 100th birthday not by cake and card, but by spelling it out in lights on the side of their world headquarters in Dearborn, MI. Whether it was penny-pinching or creativity, one thing's for sure — it was a total class act. Check out the memo sent around reminding world headquarters staff to keep their blinds open below the jump. (Hat tip to CarFreak!)

Subject: WHQ Illumination for GM's 100th Anniversary A few years back we celebrated our 100th year in business…and what a great 100 years it was. On Tuesday, September 16th General Motors will be celebrating its 100th year anniversary. As a sign of goodwill and to offer our congratulations, WHQ will be illuminating the south side of the building Monday night commemorating their 100th Birthday. This will be accomplished by strategically opening and closing specific blinds on the south side of the building. On Monday, September 15 please do not change the position or direction of your blinds to ensure that WHQ is brightly illuminated for the 100th Anniversary of General Motors. We ask your cooperation and thank you for helping us make Ford Motor Company shine.



FORD Motor Company

World Headquarters

Dearborn MI USA

Tue. 09/16/08

To all employees:

In these turbulent economic conditions, we have realized that there are many grave problems that face the Company going forward, and many problems that face us right now. Escalating health care costs, declining sales, and stock value fluctuations have placed the Company on uncertain footing.

To alleviate some of the stress and to boost morale, we are including with this memo to each employee a Powerball ticket and our best wishes. might get lucky. And if you do, maybe you could give your friends in Finance a touch?

(and in very very small type at the bottom of the page, it says "*By accepting this lottery ticket you agree to transfer any and all of your hopes for future financial security and/or prosperity on the outcome of said lottery. Your loyalty to Ford has been appreciated; we will miss you.")