Ford Says Ford Will Be America's Best Selling Car Brand In 2013

Toyota's army of beige has been a dominant force in Americam car sales for quite a while now. But Ford's slightly less beige lineup looks to be working: It should be America's best selling brand in 2013. According to Ford.

Ford expects to report sales of more than 2.4 million and held a stout lead of more than 300,000 cars on Toyota. Ford's gains on Toyota don't come through one particular hit model, but rather through a combination of strong models across the lineup.

The F-150 has sold around 700,000 examples this year which is far ahead of Toyota's pickup offerings. The Fusion sold about 100,000 fewer than the Camry, but, then again, that's a closer gap than there has been in years.

Total sales for Ford, including fleet, are up 12 percent, while Toyota says their year will end with retail sales in a slump.

It just shows that if you don't build beige sleeping pills, people will still buy your cars. Now if people would just start buying this many Mazdas.

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