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We'd heard rumors from auto journalists for the past two weeks of plans for a Mustang-derived wagon concept said to be in the works for the Detroit Auto Show. But when we first saw the story yesterday in AutoWeek of just such a vehicle with a reported lot-drop date of 2011, we were a bit skeptical of the speculative talk — we mean, what was next, a Mustang-derived Explorer? (Mark and Peter, please put your pens away, it's not meant to be an idea!) Turns out, if we're to believe Jim Cain, FoMoCo NorAm's communications manager for marketing, sales and other stuff, we were right to be skeptical. Cain gave us the low-down on the lack-of-low-down, strongly...

...denying the claims of a four-door Mustang or Mustang wagon in the works. Cain, along with trusty sidekick and FoMoCo PR-pro Alan Hall told me this afternoon that:

"Mustangs are sporty, two-door coupes and convertibles."

Hey, that doesn't rule out a sporty-looking truck-car — maybe our fervent hope for a manufacturer-made Mustang-derived Ranchero may not be totally yet dashed.

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