'Ford Shield' Looks Like A Next-Generation Hardcore Bedliner

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This clip doesn't give us a lot of clues about what makes the "Built Ford Tough Shield" special, but based on the name and these shots my money's on new bedliner tech. Whether it ends up being "effective tool" or "sales gimmick" remains to be seen, but we'll have our eyes open.

What do you think makes one bedliner better than another? What could Ford do to exceed what's on offer in the market right now?



1. On the high fuel efficiency models, don't line or even paint the bed - just anodize it.

2. On the high-zoot 'Plutocrat Ranch' versions, line the bed with polar bear fur and gold.

3. On the lifted diesel bro-dozers, line the bed with magazine covers from Maxim and Men's Health.

4. On the real trucks, use Rhino Liner and call it a day.