How'd This Insane Ford Raptor Limo End Up In China?

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Though only available as a grey-market import in China, the Ford Raptor is apparently popular enough to be re-cast as a luxury liner, as shown by this stretched and gull-wing'ed limousine Car News China spotted in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.

Breaks my heart to see such a capable truck crippled for the sake of fashion (although this could be a clone), but I guess if you can buy it you can do whatever you want to it! CNC thinks this one was spotted in New Jersey before showing up in a Beijing classified ad a couple months ago.


That ad's still up, and has interior pictures too. Looks like they went for a strip club/airliner look.

Anybody know how many of these are rolling around, or where this garish behemoth came from?

Hat tip to Tycho at Car News China!

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