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Ford Police Interceptors get their badges

Illustration for article titled Ford Police Interceptors get their badges

Thanks to the extensive tests done by the Michigan State Police, the forthcoming Taurus-based Ford Police Interceptors have won a "pursuit rating," meaning they're ready for law enforcers across America to trade in their Crown Vics. Tick tick tick...


Ford says the Explorer utility "outperformed" the Chevy Tahoe police vehicle, but it didn't say much about whether the Taurus SHO-based models were able to maintain their advantages over the Dodge Charger and still-new Chevy Caprice. Those all-wheel-drive turbocharged sedans should be hitting the road in great numbers soon, because if law enforcement agencies love one thing, it's change.

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What I don't understand is why patrol cars still come with passenger seats.

Every time I've been pulled over, I've been asked to step out of the car and approach the hood of the cruiser. Every time there is a bunch of (useful looking) shit stacked up in the passenger seat (reflective vest, traffic flares, hat, paperwork), it even looks like some patrol cars have an organizational space designed to lock into the big fluffy passenger bucket seat.

Now, if 3 patrol cars show up like they have every time I've gotten pulled over, wouldn't it be cost effective to just make a few cars with a 100 dollar shelf system filling that spot instead of a 300 dollar space-killing chair of fluff that no one is going to ever sit in? Ever since 9/11 I haven't once seen two officers per patrol car around here. When I do see two officers, they are in unmarked cars. Why keep selling these "police packages" to agencies when all they're really doing special is making sure the interior cabin space is the same so that old police equipment swaps right over from the old Crown Vic's? Why not sell them without passenger seats all together? The rears usually get replaced with a plastic tub anyway. Total waste of tax dollars.

And then of course the replacement intervals. WTF? 2007 is old? I guarantee that I drive more than any police car ever does in the same given time (I go back and forth, up and down Florida pretty much every weekend, up to 1000 miles round trip in a weekend sometimes), since 2007 I've put nearly 70k miles down the odometer of my fun car. Most municipalities are dumping their Panther platforms at 70k miles or less? My uncles 2001 Police Interceptor has gotten 125k miles added to it since he bought it with only 50k miles. He drives it like a madman and hasn't really had any issues he couldn't resolve on his own or for relatively cheap seeing as there are something like half to 3/4 of a million of those cars ever produced.

Something is screaming "excessive misuse of taxpayer funds". I find it funny how Taxi companies were smart enough to buy up all the remaining Panther platforms. I think the boys in blue should take lessons from the big yellow cabbies.

Save the citizens money? HELL NO, it has become the police versus the population and we're funding the altercation, unwillingly through not only frivolous equipment, but by over paying for the shit too. I've seen how much they get those kevlar vests for. It's way more than any smart civilian would pay.

Is it not totally obvious to anyone else that the police don't care about public safety more than they care about protecting themselves? They don't need menacing, blinding LED lights or screech sirens that are louder than firetrucks or ambulances, they don't need assault rifles AND tactical shotguns in the trunk of every car.

Maybe where I'm from the police are a bit more authoritative, but its fairly obvious that they care none about the well-being of the community compared to their safety, at any cost.

Shoot first, ask questions later, because that's what the citizens pay you for. Don't prevent crimes through diligent police work, wait for them to happen and help pick-up the pieces for your pay.

You know what other kind of person does that shit? crack-heads.

Food for thought.