Ford MyKey Keeps Sat Radio Baba Booey Free

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Thanks, Ford—or should that be Fascists On Radio Decisionmaking? Now parents can censor their kids' explicit sat-radio listening. What's next, Fox, MSNBC, The Bill Press Show, or that channel with that non-American guy... oh yeah, POTUS?


Well, actually, the system doesn't mess with political stations, it acts like a V-chip to block 16 stations labeled "explicit," like Howard Stern and Playboy and Hip-Hop nation. Buzzkill.

The new functionality comes with an upgrade to Ford's MyKey—the system that allows car owners to set parameters for operation, like limiting top speed and stereo volume. Ford announced the upgraded MyKey will also let parents set the car's top speed to their choice of 65, 70, 75 or 80 mph, instead of just 80, as the previous iteration did. Highway pulls in dad's Taurus SHO? Sorry sport, big daddy's watching.


And actually, you know, this isn't the world's worst thing — as long as the only one setting it is the parents.


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