Ford Grand C-Max Headed For U.S.

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Business Week's David Kiley became the latest embargo Twitterbomber, spilling the beans on Ford's plans to bring the all-new 7-passenger Grand Focus C-Max to the US market in 2011. Others then let loose with photos. Here's everything that's out there.


The new Grand C-Max is based on the forthcoming Focus platform, and will come with the latest and most diminutive member of the Ecoboost family, the 1.6 liter I-4. Obviously it's got a set of sliding doors, three rows of seating and a sound system by Sony, but other than that, our lips are sealed till tomorrow morning (unless someone else decides to further blow up the system). Many Finns at World Car Fans died to get us this information.


Ash78, voting early and often

Hooray. I was hoping for an S-Max (the MPV that even Clarkson likes!), but this might do well instead.