Ford Gives 43 Fiestas To Rally School, Wants You To Hoon Them

Ford has given 43 of the European-spec Fiesta hatchbacks used in the Fiesta Movement to the Team O'Neil Rally School in Dalton, New Hampshire. $495 gets you one day behind the wheel with professional instruction. Anybody else smell a bargain?

The pairing is tied the Monster Energy Fiesta that hoon extraordinaire Ken Block races in Rally America events. The cars have been modified with roll bars, rally suspensions, and off-road tires. Team O'Neil is the official driving school of Rally America, which means that yes, they want you to get sideways.


So go. Why? Because $495 to spend a day hooning around in one of the greatest small cars ever built is a heck of a deal. Remember: Your left foot does the work. Don't get sloppy.


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