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Has the wristband trend gotten officially lame yet? Yes, yes it has. And what does that mean? It means it's time for Ford to roll out a little stretchy doohickey of its own, emblazoned with the phrase, "Red, White & Bold." D'oh. Not only is it a shameless riff on Chevy's "American Revolution" tag, but Mopar's had blue "Authentic Performance" wristbands for over a year now, which means the trend's far beyond dead. According to the Detroit News "Ford Motor is in the midst of an 'American Innovation' campaign and has publicly renewed its dedication to bold, American design." That's great and all, but we wonder if inwardly the Ford execs wearing the things aren't unknowingly quoting d. boon and thinking, "I must look like a dork." [Thanks to Peter for the tip.]

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