Ford Adds OnStar-esque SmartAlert Tracking

Those envious of the OnStar service from the General take note! No longer will you have to sit in jealousy as others track the location of their car's digitally, because Ford will begin implementing the SmartAlert system in vehicles soon. SmartAlert is a vehicle tracking system that will be factory-installed in Ford vehicles to assist in recovering stolen cars.

SmartAlert works with good old fashioned GPS technology. It locates vehicles on the fly and sends the coordinates to the proper authorities. SmartAlert will include more options than just tracking. This service will allow users to unlock their doors remotely through a call-in service or online (OnStar! Take heed!) and it will also track speed of vehicles for parents who are being a bit to overprotective of their little hooners. The initial fee and first year of service will be somewhere between $700 and $1,200, requiring an annual service fee thereafter. [Auto News (sub. req.)]


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