Forbes' Best Cars of '05

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The Forbsies throw down their final year-end falconry gauntlet and declare the finest examples of automobilia from the year two-thousand-five. Rather than rank 'em, they've created some rather arbitrary categories to put their favorite vehicles in, calling the Ford GT "The Best Reason to Buy American" and the "All-New But Still The Sub-$40,000 Gold Standard" title for the new BMW 3. Did somebody wanna get out of the office early for Christmas? Make the jump, see the list.

New Car That Most Lived Up To The Hype: BMW M5

Greatest Driver's Car: #1 - Ferrari F430, #2 - Aston Martin DB9

Most Outrageous Car Ever: Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Best Reason To Buy American: Ford GT

Best Way To Blend In With Celebrities: Bentley Continental GT

Best Way To Make Celebrities Jealous: Lamborghini Murci lago

Fastest Car: SSC Ultimate Aero

All-New But Still The Sub-$40,000 Gold Standard: BMW 3 Series

The Ultimate Executive Ride: Maybach 62

Ultimate minivan: Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna (tie)

Ultimate Pickup: Dodge Ram SRT-10

Best All-Around Wagon: Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

Best-Selling Luxury Car: Lexus RX

Safest Car: Volvo S80

Best Hybrid: Lexus RX Hybrid

The Best Cars 2005

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