Jules Bianchi Reportedly Out Of Surgery, Moved To ICU

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F1 driver Jules Bianchi is reportedly out of surgery and has been moved into the intensive care unit of the Mie area hospital where the surgery has taken place.

Details of the crash have emerged, including that it appears Bianchi lost control of the rear of the Marussia and overcorrected during the race, according to Nick DeGroot of Motorsport.com. Unsurprisingly, given the conditions of the race, this apparently led to jumping over the gravel pit, and so the speed of the vehicle continued to be quite high when it smashed into the tractor.

DeGroot is also reporting that Bianchi's father, Philippe told French media outlets that his son had a subdural hematoma. The FIA and the Marussia team have not formally released any injury report.


BBC is reporting he is breathing on his own (This was an early report, it is now conflicted and we are trying to find out if it is accurate. - Ed)

More details as they become available.

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For those of us not in the medical field, here you go:


Its brain bleeding.