Time heals all wounds, or so they say. That's what classic reviews are for. But what if it's a really strange car nobody bought in the first place. Does it really take seven decades for people to come around to it?

Jason fell in love with the 1941 Tatra T87, that's without question. I'm sure he would've awarded it 99.9, but we deal in whole numbers. We're professionals, after all.

The T87 was a truly advanced car for its time, but was never a commercial success. That sounds like another car from the not-so-distant past that no one bought, the VW Phaeton.


I don't think Jagvar can see into the future, but in 2076 this might be the top image on a Jalopnik Classic Review:

*looks at score*

*pulls up Photoshop*

I'm sure the nav system in that thing is going to look hilarious in 2076. Provided the car starts then. But then what else will look good to us after 73 years?

Photo: VW