For $8,450, Is This 1977 Ford F150 A Real Steel Steal?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

While today’s F150 may have an aluminum body and an EcoBoost heart, our Nice Price or Crack Pipe ’77 is all about American steel and a big V8. However, will its price have you chanting U.S.A, U.S.A., U.S.A?

Despite its 85% Nice Price win and rousing support in the comments, yesterday’s too cool for school 1987 Mazda 626GT actually got a $100 price reduction right in the middle of our debate session. What, are there no enthusiasts in Kansas City, where the car was located, who would pay a pittance for so cool a car? Seriously? Or, is there something about it we don’t know?


Well, whether it was haunted by the ghost of Donald Trump’s real hair or otherwise bewitched, that Mazda came from an era when it seemed like the Japanese car makers really got it, and the American ones were just starting to get the clue. We called it “the ‘80s.” Tomorrow being Independence Day here in Freedomville, U.S.A. let’s have a look at what America used to drive even before that.

Now, there are certain epoch-defining events that we all know from U.S. history: there’s WWII; Peter Brady’s nationally televised puberty; and perhaps the most import one of all, the moment when pickup trucks went from being just workhorses to WHAT REAL AMERICANS DRIVE. Imagine those last three words flashing red white and blue while being shat out by a machine gun-carrying bald eagle named Reagan. America, eff-yeah!


That event occurred in 1980 with the release of Urban Cowboy on the big screen. Until then trucks weren’t all that fancy, as this 1977 Ford F150 Ranger will attest. After that, people wanted their pickups to be valet parked and to sip lattes in them. Lattes!

This one’s still a solid citizen, and having wind-up windows to keep out the bugs and hippies is probably all the luxury that an owner of something like this would need.


There is a question of which pickup truck is the most American, and much like political affiliations those generally fall into two camps - the Ford fans, and the Chevy-heavies. There are oddball others but they generally tend to Dodge the question as to their preference.

Today we’re going with Ford. America, youbetcha!


The F-series debuted back in 1948 and has ever since been Ford’s longest running and frequently best-selling nameplate. In fact for it’s been America’s best seller longer than The Simpsons have been on the air. Oh sure, GM beat Ford in sales for June, but it took both GMC and Chevy to do it, dadgummit!

This truck represents from the F-series’ 6th generation and features both a longbed in back and the eyebrow grille up front. This would be the last year for that nose style.


Behind the grille and those brows beats a 400-cid V8. That engine is based on the 351C and put out 175-bhp and 326 lb-ft of torque when new. Backing that up is a C6 3-speed automatic with column shift, and the truck is 2WD.


It’s also blue over silver like an old fighter jet and comes with a long list of new parts including a new carb for the 400. There’s also A/C, two fuel tanks, and floor mats that say FORD on them. Who doesn’t like that?

Based on the interior and the door jambs I’m guessing the truck’s original color was white but the new two-tone hue certainly dresses it up, as do the faux Rostyle wheel covers. The odometer says 49K but that’s probably spun at least once, wouldn’t you agree? No matter as the seller says it runs and drives great. America, drive’s great!


He also says that health issues are driving the sale and that he’s not interested in offers of boats in trade as he already has a boat. We only deal in cold-hard cash - I mean, it’s the American way - and so we’ll stick to his $8,450 price tag.


What do you think about this old-school F150 for that kind of cash? Does that sound like a flag-waving deal? Or, is that something with which you simply would have no truck?

You decide!


San Antonio Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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