For $36,000, This Z4M is a 500-Horse Open Sleigh

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

One of the great mysteries of preadolescent life is how St. Nick manages to squeeze down so many chimneys all in one night. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe supercharged Z4M, in Santa Red, is one possible explanation.

Even Santa would have found yesterday's 2001 Wicked Porsche 911 Twin Turbo to be not everything it was Crack Piped up to be. Trying to unload a salvage title car, even during the hectic consumer feeding frenzy that is holiday season, is like trying to rid oneself of an ebola monkey who's also a biter. That salvage title went a long way towards its decisive 75% loss in the voting, which in Boston would have been referred to as wicked pissah' bad.


But, back to the man in the red suit. Santa also has a red sleigh, and leading that is some venison on the hoof, including one named Rudolph. Now that's a fairly common name in Germany, which is where the parent of today's contender's hails. Coincidence? I think not, however the car itself comes from Spartanburg, South Carolina. This 2006 Z4M would have been a hot ticket for sleigh duty straight outta' SC, but as it now has received the gifts of both a supercharger and NOS, it'd cut Santa's travel time in half.

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It's claimed by the seller to be the only ESS Tuning VT2-500-equipped Z4M in all the land, and he also says that it makes 500+ horsepower, allowing it to dash away, dash away, dash away all. Faster than any Comet, lovelier than any Cupid, this hyper Z4M would be the life of even the Donner party as it's most obviously Blitzen. And if the addition of the Vortech V3Si isn't enough to get your eggs nogging then the purple people eater NOS tank in the boot may just do the trick. Sure, it's not connected to anything, but that doesn't mean it won't impress the Dominic Torettos on your holiday list.

There's a comic book compilation video on the seller's eBay page, although you'll have to go there to watch it as he uses Metallica for a soundtrack, and those guys are all about the copyright. His other video is shorter and lacks any mood music so you can get up close and personal with this modded E85 right here-

Yeah, like It's a Wonderful Life that'll become a holiday tradition.

Aside from the underhood shenanigans and in-yer-end-o NOS tank, this Z4 also has a trio of Platyhelminth-mimicking gauges stuck into the base of the center stack, and some more douching up the A-pillar. In contrast, the rest of the inside is pure Z4, for better or worse. For better is the fact that you get a six-speed stick as a stocking stuffer here, which should make for some Christmas cheer.


Now, this Z4M may not make the kind of noises that a V8-engined car would, but still, having 500 ponies in a reasonably light (3,165-lb) convertible would mean the motor would likely be drowned out by the driver going Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-freakin'-haaaaaaaaaaaawwww! Despite that potential for o-tannenbaum-ing down the highway, this Z4M comes with only about 18K on its clock. It should be noted as well that it comes with a clear title.

And all that could find its way under your tree for the outlay of $36,000. That's $72 per pony, and just like St Nick's presents, this one comes with free delivery. That's because the seller is an airline pilot and is willing to bring the car to you and then fly home, making his arms very tired. So what do you think, should Santa give Rudy and the boys the night off and go supercharged Z4M? Or, does the price make this a Z4M whose vote yule log as Crack Pipe?


You decide!


eBay or go here if the ad disappears.

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