For $1,950, Ahoy Matey!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The condition of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Jeep can be best described as ship shaped. Despite that assurance, you'll need to decide if its price makes it see-worthy.

There's an obvious reason the seller of yesterday' Suzuki-powered go-kart has had it sitting around for 4-years, it's just too weird. Apparently it wasn't that weird , as at least 54% of you gave it a Nice Price nod, ensuring this wasn't a no-go kart.


Seeing as that long duck dong of a go kart could potentially be #12 on the list of odd ways to die, I'm sure you'll be wanting to see something today that's as plain jane, stock, utilitarian, and safety-minded as possible. To that end, I present to you the Jeep-boat.

The what-now?

Though said to be registered as a historical vehicle, I'd say this crazy mix of AMC's finest and a fiberglass Key Craft boat should more rightfully be titled as a hysterical vehicle. Sadly, the ad notes that it DOES NOT FLOAT, and emphasizes that admission with not one but two exclamation points. That's probably to keep test drives from ending up smashing into a pineapple under the sea.

The boat - such as it is - has been completely de-hulled an no rests atop the Jeep on what look to be non-walkable planks. The truck's windscreen has been entirely removed, but that's okay because there's a push-out one on the boat part.


It also has lights and a rear-view mirror so while this crazy contraption may not be sea worthy, it does seem to be streetable. It does seem to be set up for low-speed maneuvers however as there's only a single seat - for the driver - while a boxed-in section in back looks ready to accept a bevy of bathing beauties, and give them splinters in their butts.

Power comes from an AMC 6 - making this a swanky inboard - and not only does this look to be a three-pedal boat, but it also looks to be 4WD. On the aft, there's a a set of steps on the back to aid egress.


Who would want such an odd-bodkin of a vehicle? Well, I'd counter that with who wouldn't! I mean this is an entry into that small cadre of crazies that like to drive around in enormous novelty shopping carts, banana-shaped cars, and Pontiac Azteks. But how much should one pay for such notoriety?


The seller is asking $1,950 for this unique beast, and honestly if the Jeep beneath is solid, that seems to me to be a pretty good price just for the truck. As it sits however, most people wouldn't be able to tell it's a Jeep from the outside, and while the boat does need some work, it wouldn't take much to have it looking ready for re-christening.

What do you think about $1,950 for the Jeep-boat? Is that a price that should have buyers nibbling at the seller's hook? Or does that price come straight from the poop deck?


You decide!


Toledo Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Stuart Lachs for the hookup!

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