FoMoCo's Breaking Back In At #2! Toyota Sales Increase Of 12.6% Not Enough To Beat Ford's Decrease Of 12%

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The global #2 automaker may have to relinquish it's title as #2 US automaker because despite a gain in sales of 12.6% for a total US sales of 240,178 — it still wasn't enough for them to beat back the boys n' girls from Dearborn. FoMoCo, despite a drop in sales of 12%, managed to find a way to cut back into line as the #2 stateside maker of vehicles by beating Toyota by just over 15,000 cars. How the hell they were able to do that when no one was looking is anyone's guess.

ToMoCo Is The New FoMoCo: Toyota Passes Ford As #2 US Automaker [internal]


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