Van tuning is apparently big in the land of bicycles, Rembrandt and Edam cheese. As such, it's like Ohio in the '70s. Thus, Opel's offering Hollanders a tweaked Vivaro van with a few add-ons from the global aftermarket catalog. It's the Opel Vivaro VPC, based on the company's five-seater long-wheelbase van. It's powered by a standard 2.5 liter CDTi engine producing 146 hp, attached to a six-speed manual. From there, the Opels added a body kit, wide tires over a set of alloys and a shade of blue culled from the GM brand's OPC performance models (though the production models will come in in silver-gray or black metallic). Driver and passenger get Recaro sport seats, with leather and cloth upholstery in the rear, and an umbrella holder. The floor — on the prototype at least — gets a covering of hardwood slats, not shag carpeting and faux bearskin. Opel says the Vivaro VPC will be available in the Netherlands only, at a price of E34,900. [Opel via World Car Fans]


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