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You, staring for hours at Google Earth! Back away from the monitor and keep your hands where I can see them. Ok, so we have no jurisdiction over GE surfers, but we do wish they'd find another hobby — like GPS caching of something. Following on last month's cyber "sighting" of what looks to be a hovering car on a Google satellite map of Australia, another such vision has materialized. A new image, taken of parkland near the shores of Coogee Beach — which is 50 miles from Swackermackadoodle Junction, just to the right of Arse Over Tit highway — appears to show some sort of vehicle, shadowed as if it were high in the air. Is it a flying car, or just a blob on the screen? Only the Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary knows for sure.

Flying Cars [Google Earth Track]

Flying Car Spotted in Australia! [internal]


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