Fly On Your Way, Like an Eagle: The Beirut Airlift, Featuring Bruce Dickinson

This is so off-topic, it's ridiculous, but it's so ruling that we can't not share it. We're tenuously justifying this post is by making a headline reference to our "Flight of Icarus" bit from yesterday, talking about the only-on-the-compy Daedalus concept.

So now that the tenuous connections are out of the way, check this out: while Steve Harris is busy plying his wares over at GM, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson flew 200 refugees from Beirut out of Cyprus in a 757. Just to firm things up a bit, here's video of Bruce talking to Jeremy Clarkson, which brings things a little closer to the ballpark. Oh — the Loverman tipped us to this, and we once drove around in his WRX listening to Somewhere in Time. Okay, we'll stop trying to explain ourselves and just send Bruce a massive "Up The Irons." Ready, steady, go: "UP THE IRONS, BRUCE!"

Iron Maiden Singer Airlifts 200 Beirut Evacuees [Starpulse]

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