Florida Woman Gets Naked In Intersection, Takes This Insane Mugshot

At around 5:40 on Tuesday night in Pompano Beach, Florida, 35-year-old Tracy Mabb stood on a highway intersection and completely exposed her body to passing drivers in a "complete vulgar and indecent manner." This is her mugshot.

She was wearing a long shirt, which she lifted up to expose her breasts, vulva, and buttocks. When the arresting officers asked why she was doing it, she stated, "I don't give a f***." This is her second offence in three months, having been held for petty theft in April.


This is the second Florida woman to brazenly expose herself on a public road in the last week, which may be a trend more alarming than people turning into zombies.

Photo Credit: Broward Country Sherriff's Office via Sun-Sentinel

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