Florida Pirate Arrested In Mini Naval Battle Over Fishing Hole

No one would have expected a Florida fishing hole to become the subject of a small naval battle, but when Lawrence Lamee and his brother began arguing about the spot, that's just what happened. Heated words were exchanged, honor ruffled, and then brother turned upon brother.

Each man was in his own boat, and Lawrence Lamee used his to ram his brother's. When U.S. Coast Guard, National Park Service, and local law enforcement boats arrived on scene, the attacked boat had taken on water but stayed afloat. As far as we know, no marines from the attacker's vessel managed to board the aggrieved brother's boat.


Lamee was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief for his act of piracy. We hope he wears an eye patch to court and speaks to the judge in pirate talk.

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