Florida Man Claiming To be Satan Demands Free Toyota From Dealership

Image via the Devil’s Advocate, because, er, you get the idea.
Image via the Devil’s Advocate, because, er, you get the idea.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he drove a Camry. I always figured the Prince of Darkness would be an ‘80s Jaguar type of guy, but I guess not. Apparently, he likes Toyotas.

According Action News Jax, on Thursday, a man came into a Jacksonville Toyota dealership claiming to be “Satan sent by Jesus” and threatened to shoot people unless he was given a free car.

Action News Jax reports that a desk employee immediately thought something was off when a man came into the dealership introduced himself as “Jesus, God and Satan.” Claudy Pierson, co-owner of the dealership, told Action News Jax that the man walked back to to meet with one of the sales associates and a manager. That’s when the man said that he had a gun and began making threats if he was not given a car. The man also told one salesperson that “he wanted to make sure all the gay people were gone from Earth.”


Dealership staff immediately called 911 and locked themselves in a back room to wait for police to arrive. Pierson told Action News Jax the staff became frustrated and worried after making multiple 911 calls, saying the local police took almost 30 minutes to arrive on scene.

In an attempt to explain the delay, Action News Jax quotes a police spokesperson as saying this area is one of their “busiest zones” and the suspect was not displaying a gun.

When the police arrived, they discovered that the man was not armed and took him into custody to be mentally evaluated under the Baker Act. Authorities say this is the fourth time this individual has undergone such an evaluation.

Action News Jax reports that when the man was apprehended, he said, “Go ahead and take me, I’m Jesus Christ and God will bail me out.”


The dealership is back in business, and Pierson told Action News Jax she was thankful the man didn’t have a gun.

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Ricardo Landgrave

I thought he was a man of wealth and taste?

Now what’s puzzling me is the nature of his penchant for Camrys ¯\_(°_°)_/¯