Illustration for article titled Flavor Flav Arrested For Speeding With 16 Suspensions On License

Rapper Flavor Flav was arrested earlier today after he was pulled over for speeding in a Hyundai. It was found that he had 16 suspensions on his license (is that a thing?) and he had a small amount of marijuana in the car.

Flavor Flav was pulled over after going 79 on the Meadowbrook Parkway in Hempstead where the license and drug issues were found. He was taken in and charged with was charged with a felony, aggravated unlicensed operation, and traffic violations. Apparently more than 10 suspensions makes the unlicensed operation a felony, but how a license is suspended more than once is beyond us.


He was released so that he could attend his mother's funeral, which was later on in the day. His mother passed away on December 31st.

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