Flatbed BMW Isetta "Truck" Is Unbelievably Cool

While the reasons not to turn a compact BMW into a flatbed truck are many, we're glad someone decided to disregard them and create this awesome one of a kind Isetta.

We first came across this microcar gone pickup truck by way of a Facebook post by Hemmings. An Isetta currently for sale on their website included a picture of the car mid restoration being transported by this truck.


A little Google detective work turned up the fact this "truck" project started with a rotted out Isetta 600. A Flickr poster explains it is based around a VW chassis and still powered by the original 600cc Isetta engine.

Further investigation revealed this custom Isetta was and may still be for sale, but being unique doesn't come cheap. According to the advertisement on IsettaBroker.com it will cost you $35,000 to make this tilt bed microcar yours.


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