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I've certainly never seen a school bus sliced and re-welded to have a big, open flat section after the first three rows of seating, but that's exactly what a Georgian gubernatorial candidate seems to have built his campaign vehicle out of... toting a statue of a knight playing baseball, no less.

We've seen some interesting campaign rigs before, but this converted cabover kid hauler might have just taken the title for most... "different." In spite of the inherent filminess in the appearance of an American school bus, whoever performed this hackenstien job seems to have pulled it off pretty cleanly.


Though I have to say, it seems like a lot of the space they worked so hard to free up is going to waste. Just one knight? Really? There's room for at least two more and maybe a few horses if they get creative.

David Pennington, or one of his adamant fans, would appear to be responsible for this vehicle. The candidate labels himself as a "ethical conservative," though one anonymous Georgian described his constituency as "f**king rednecks."