It looks like Henrik Fisker and company are asking to have the Tesla suit arbitrated in Orange County. As you're all well aware, neither Fisker nor Tesla are actually making cars but are instead just suing the crap out of each other over various charges (here's an explanation of the Tesla and Fisker suit). Long story short, Tesla claims Fisker stole info when designing a sedan for Tesla. Oh, by the way, here's Fisker's Karma Hybrid sedan. Who is right and who is wrong? Who cares at this point?

According to Fisker, a condition of his work with Tesla involved an arbitration clause in the case of a suit filed by the company. Wasn't that prescient? Both car companies continue to to propel themselves towards limited production, so we have a fun race between significant deliveries and the settlement of ongoing litigation. It's like Le Mans except much, much longer.