More Proof That The Best Way To Survive A Crash Is To Avoid It

There are two kinds of car safety — there's passive safety like airbags and crumple zones. Then there's active safety like a car that lets you avoid a crash in the first place. This is a perfect demonstration of the latter.

The driver Augustin Kuntz is behind the wheel of his Porsche 993 C2. It's around 20 years old and it hails from a time before high-strength steel substructures, side-curtain airbags, and lane-departure warning systems.


But it is nimble, with high grip levels and great visibility. To most people its thin window pillars and frail styling make it look unsafe. As you can see from this video, car safety isn't just about how well a vehicle deforms when it hits something. It's also about preventing crashes from happening altogether.

The condition of the other drivers in this crash is unknown.

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First, and most important, rule when driving a car


too many people just" lock em up" and seal their fate.

This applies double for rain and snow. If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and you lock up the brakes you just erased any advantage you had on the slippery stuff