First Ram ProMaster City Van Spotted, Looks Like A Fat Snake

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The first pictures of a 2015 Ram ProMaster City van on the streets just popped up on a forum. It looks like, well, the Fiat Doblo it's based on wearing a Mortal Kombat character mask made out of a trash bag.


A spy photographer uploaded these pictures of a camo'ed ProMaster City to just a few minutes ago. Looks like it's testing somewhere in Fiat's backyard of Italy.

Perhaps they figured the Ram bumper would throw off locals who might be hoping to catch a glimpse of the next Doblo. You know how wild those van folks can get!

The Ram ProMaster City is destined for the US Market as a 2015 model to rival the Ford Transit Connect, Chevrolet City Express Van and Nissan NV200. We still don't know what the Ram's specs will be or exactly how it stacks up to those rivals.

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