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Right at the halfway mark when I was about to report that all was well, two Porsches tangled going into turn one. A clip led to a spin and eventually the two ended up mating tail to tail and blocking the whole track - that's gotta be embarassing. Everybody get's back on the track under their own power, car 71 pits, and... HOLY CRAP the other car is on FIRE. BIG FIRE. 911 Flambe. Watching it on the teevee I failed to identify that it was just over my shoulder until the fire was mostly out, thus the fuzzy aftermath shot. Mr. "I'm too tough to go in after a fender bender" now has a car that's track toast. Shot of the orangesuits tending to the leftovers and standings at the drop of the green are after the jump.

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1) Dumas
2) Dyson
3) Leitzinger

1) O'Connell
2) Gavin

1) Melo
2) Long
3) Dumbreck