Finance It, Clyde! '68 GTO Spot

If you don't love the '68-72 GM A-Bodies, you not only have a screw loose, you likely have snapped carriage bolts rattling around in your brainpan. Even some sort of future-transplanted Clyde Barrow and his girlie want a crack at the '68 Goat, and they're willing to pay cash. They even leave the salesman with cab fare home! Who said outlaws don't have hearts of gold? Bleat.


Run For Your Lives!: It's El Goatamino! [Internal]

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Awesome, even though the sound loop is about 3 seconds off the video.

The greatest musclecars in history as far as I'm concerned, you can keep your Mustangs and Camaros. Give me a GTO, a Cutlass, or a GS anyday.