Finally, Jeremy Clarkson Can Be Seen By Aliens

Every year, Yorkshire has a big festival called York Maze, where a maize maze (corn to us queenless folk) is carved into fields to the delight of all, especially the aliens who observe Yorkshire from above. This year, Yorkshireman Jeremy Clarkson had a place of honor.

There's actually three Yorkshire men in the maze, with varying levels of maze-navigating difficulty, according to the artist/farmer Tom Pearcy:

"They may get stumped trying to find their way round the brim of Geoffrey Boycott's hat, and get lost in Brian Blessed's beard, but they should be able to race round Jeremy Clarkson's head."


It seems by now the corn is being harvested to feed cattle, and I suspect some of those cattle themselves may be harvested into meat pies to feed Jeremy Clarkson, keeping Britain's beautiful cycle of life complete.

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