Fiat Group Goes on Product Rampage

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Fiat is reportedly spending its f-you billionz from GM, and several billionz more of its own money, on 20 product redesigns, 23 facelifts and five entirely new model lines, in an attempt to reinvigorate the company and reverse its sagging fortunes. Among new product lines include a new 500 (Cinquecento), which will likely be a throwback to the famously cute 500s of yore, and a new, upmarket Alfa Romeo model more costly than its current range-topping 166 sedan. The speculation play of the year is Alfa Romeo's return to the US, on the back of its new Fiat Group sibling, Maserati, which is soon to be unhinged from Ferrari. Fear not, Alfaheads, it'll all be clear soon.

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