Fiat 500 Sacrificed By Audi Q7 To Encourage Crash Compatibility Standards

This week ADAC, the German auto club, tried to convince automakers to consider small car crash compatibility when designing larger cars by obliterating a Fiat 500 with an Audi Q7. The point ADAC was trying to make is not that the Fiat 500 is unsafe — it actually scores five stars in Euro NCAP testing where the Audi Q7 only garners 4. Rather, the really awesome, slow-motion crash footage is intended to encourage automakers to engineer big cars with small-car crash survivability in mind. We don't know if it'll work, but you can just keep sending out crash test videos, ADAC. We'll keep scoring them to The Blue Danube. [Drive]


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@oddseth: Now that's all I'm seeing, and I'm giggling like an idiot.

Speaking of big things hitting smaller things, do they do these tests for motorcycles? I mean, I know the bike would be utterly and unquestionably destroyed, but it would be interesting to see how a crash test dummy-rider interacts with various car shapes.