Fiat 500 Cabriolet Coach Spied With Its Top Closed

Illustration for article titled Fiat 500 Cabriolet Coach Spied With Its Top Closed

We knew there was going to be a Fiat 500 Convertible, but we didn’t realize Fiat was working on one of those full-length, Citroën 2CV-esque cloth sunroof things. The ahead-of-the-curve opinion-formers over at Next Autos seem to think the car will receive the clunky Cabriolet Coach designation, but we’re not sure if all those chrome letters would fit on the back of the diminutive Cinquecento. While this soft top Fiat 500 is significantly less gay than the Castagna Tender Two, like all modern retros, it’s still extremely limp-wristed. The coup de grace, in the form of a Mini Convertible-rivaling full-convertible 500 is expected to arrive some time next year. If you’re comfortable with your sexuality and you want people to know it, or you’re just a cute young girl, go for it. Just watch out for Audi Q7s headed in your direction. [via Next Autos]


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Rob Emslie

significantly less-gay? . . . it's still extremely limp-wristed?

Wes, John Travolta will not be amused.

BTW; this thing is a lot bigger in person than I expected. Especially when compared to the original flavor.