FIA Not Down With the Booger Sugar

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Apparently the FIA has something against Colombia and its special brand of marching powder. While in pre-European Mexico, it was just fine for Montezuma to lay on the shore with his coca leaves and pearls, it is apparently not — in the sport-arbiting organization's estimation — okay to drive a racing car with traces of cocaine in one's system, something that Luca Moro found out the hard way after testing positive post-Spa 24 Hours.


We too, are against pre-race coke snorting. Instead, we think the FIA should mandate that F1 drivers take a big hit of the crack rock out of a shattered Xenon bulb on the starting line and then run on a World of Outlaws-spec dirt track for 10 laps. Now that would put the energy back into Formula One! Bill France, Jr., you steal this idea and you're through. Through y'hear?

Drug bust in GTs [ via Autoblog]

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