Ferrari to Unveil F430 Challenge Racer in Frankfurt

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Good news for new beneficiaries of oil- and/or Googlebux: Ferrari will introduce its newest Challenge racer in Frankfurt, unveiling the new F430 variant for owner-racers who compete in the company's Challenge series. The new racer will replace the current 360 Challenge in the 2006 season of Ferrari's Challenge owners' racing series. New, race-equipped Challenge car prototypes have been undergoing track poundings on in Italy this summer, decked out in complete racing trim: roll cage; multi-point harnesses; slide-opening Perspex door glass; performance exhaust system; modified racing exhaust, and Brembo ceramic disk brakes.

Brand-new Ferrari F430 Challenge racer will take centre stage in the Maranello-based sportscar manufacturer's line-up at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show [Italiaspeed]


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