Ferrari P4/5 Competizione: The Watch

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The P4/5 Competizione isn't even built yet and Girard-Perregaux's already making a watch to commemorate the car. Forget "Arab Money," we want haute Swiss horologist money.

The choice of Girard-Perregaux makes sense, given their involvement in motoring-inspired watches and because they built the clock for the Pininfarina Hyperion. Like other racing watches, the GP's metallic band (titanium?) holds a black face set off with a gauge-like cluster in the P4/5 Competiziones red/blue/white/yellow scheme. In addition to the chronograph there's a 24-hour readout, in honor of the Nurbürgring 24 Hours where the car will debut. There's also a map of the 'Ring and the logo for the 24-hour race on the back set off by a Ferrari crest.

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It doesn't matter what it costs, or how many they make, we appreciate glorious overkill when we see it. No one does it like Glick. No one.

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