The driver of this yellow cab apparently crashed into the back of this Ferrari F430 Spider in a Las Vegas parking lot over the weekend. The cabbie caused no serious damage to the Ferrari, but the Ferrari owner caused serious damage to him.

Car accidents, even minor ones, cause people to get upset. It happens. But it gives you no right to punch the person who lightly bangs into your car. Could this Ferrari owner act even more like what we all expect Ferrari owners to act like?


And then, at the same time, if you're going to get punched at least punch back or have the dignity to not cry in public. Or, in this case, wail in public. Curiously, the crying cabbie approaches the man's car and the 'roid-raging Ferrari owner thwacks him again.

I sort of hate everyone in this video, including the people who refused to help out this poor guy, but I definitely hate the guy in the Ferrari most.

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