The F430 will be replaced by a 4.5-liter, high-revving V8-equipped car appropriately named, Ferrari F450 and our friends at WCF managed to get their hands on some awesome footage of it tearing up the track.

It's hard to believe that the Ferrari F430 is already getting a bit long in the tooth, but with this recent spy footage, we see that Ferrari is readying its next mid-engined V8 equipped ride. Early reports are stating that the 4.3-liter from the F430 has been given a boost in displacement to 4.5-liters and sending upwards of 520 thoroughbred horses to the rear wheels via the Ferrari California's deliciously smooth dual-clutch gearbox. The increased displacement and rumored 10,000 rpm redline has brought a higher need for cooling which is evidenced in the video by the much larger air intakes on the rear shoulder of the car.


Appearances can be deceiving, but the F450 looks to be a bit bigger in all dimensions though it's really hard to tell at this early stage. Regardless, the car sounds magnifico and we can't wait to get our first hands on one after its September Frankfurt Motor Show debut. [via WCF]

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