Ferrari F430GT Racer Unveiled

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Oh momma. Ferrari has a new toy for privateer racers of the Prancing Horse persuasion. It's the F430GT, created with Ferrari tuning shop Michelotti. Based on the F430 berlinetta, the GT racer has been stripped of the showroom pony's opulence, and has gotten an infusion of more carbon fiber, nomex and kevlar than a team of black ops commandos — leading to a reduction in weight from the factory model's 3,197 lbs to a track-ready 2,425 lbs. With a more rigid chassis than the previous 360 Modena racer, and with a 4.0-liter V8 that's been reduced in capacity from the factory 4.3-liter mill per FIA regs, the F430GT will take on various and sundry Porsches in upcoming GT2 races.

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