Illustration for article titled Ferrari F430-Mounted iPod Nano Records Clear Video, Lots Of Noise

Starting at $149 and shooting 640x480px VGA quality video, the new iPod Nano with video could be the ideal tool for easily capturing vehicle action footage. There's only one problem: the noise.


If you've clicked play on this driving video from a Ferrari F-430-mounted Nano you've likely already recoiled in horror at the terrible wind noise. The Nano, or any small video camera with an on-board mic for that matter, will pick up horrible, horrible amounts of wind noise when mounted on the front of your car.


The solution? Stick the camera on the rear license plate facing rearwards. That plate is almost always located in an area of negative air pressure so you'll eliminate the wind noise. As an added bonus, the camera will be perfectly located to pick up noise from the exhaust, squealing rear tires and the shocked faces of drivers you've just passed.

Thanks for the tip, Timothy.

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