Ferrari Enzo Donuts? Ferrari Enzo Donuts.

My favorite donuts used to be the custard-filled ones, but after today I can safely say that Ferrari Enzo donuts are even more delicious.


This video comes to us from our pal Tim, aka Shmee150, who attended the Vmax200 Hypermax festival of speed in the UK this weekend. Lots of supercars and hypercars, lots of drag races, lots of high speed runs, various acts of generalized insanity, etc. Good times were had by all.

Tim says this Enzo hit 195 mph on the runway and then went out back to rip some sick, smoke-filled donuts, which you can see around the 1:45 mark. There are a ton of other videos from the event on his YouTube channel, so be sure to check 'em out.