Cranking out about 400 HP, this high-strung 3.6-liter V8 from a 2000 Ferrari 360 is certainly not the most powerful engine you can buy for $11,000. Logically speaking, then, there's really not much of a reason to be interested in it. Logic, however, has never heard the scream of eight hot-blooded Italian cylinders exploding at 8500 RPM. Our minds wander with the possibilities for this "perfect" condition mill. There's already one in the back of the "Ferrambo" Nash Rambler wagon, but surely there's an even better application yet for such a glorious piece of machinery.
Given the choice, we'd much rather have an Enzo's V12, but the 360's V8 would still be great fun to play with. We bet there's a way to mount it in the middle of an Alfa Romeo Brera. Perhaps hanging out the back of a Fiat 500? Or you could just do like the current owner and have it on display on the second floor of your home. [ebay via Autofiends]


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